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7 things you probably should keep handy now that you’re working from home.

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Working from home is so much different than working in the office. There are SO MANY distractions that can seriously keep you from getting your work done. So, in order to stay on track, I’ve been thinking of all the different ways I could spruce up the sad-looking office area in my apartment. Some helpful desk organizers to tidy things up a bit and decorative items to keep those creative juices flowing, coming right up! So, if you’re trying to boss up your home office, here is a list of 7 items you should keep handy!

• LapGear Home Office

Don’t have space for a whole office situation? No problem. You can stay in bed or chill on the couch with a cute little lap desk. This is like a lap pad for working in bed. Isn’t that cool? Plus bonus points for the cell-phone holder.

• Memory foam seat cushion
Now that you aren’t used to sitting at home for long hours, working all day, you need a memory foam seat cushion. This will help you sit comfortably on your dining room chair while you tackle the 37 tabs you opened on your screen.

• Noise-canceling headphones

No one likes to work when it’s noisy out there. So a pair of noise-canceling headphones is the best way to block out your parent’s bickering. The best thing is that they are honestly a long term investment. Thank me next time a Baaraat decides to stay out in front of your house.

• Keyboard cleaning goop

It’s important alright. We all know that your laptop is definitely pulling a double shift as your work station and also your snack tray! Seriously, those lays crumbs have been there for over a week now.

• LED lamp
A rechargeable LED lamp with 3-brightness levels not only makes your desk look pretty and aesthetic but also gives you space to store your pens and other knick-knacks.

• Water bottle

Get a cute fancy water bottle to keep on your desk. Don’t forget to take breaks to eat and stay hydrated. Tiny and fun bottles will make it easier to get your eight glasses in.

• Blue light blocking glass

You need to take care of your eyes too. Get a pair of blue light blocking glasses that are both stylish and functional. They will protect your eyes and at the same time, make you look like a professional.