7 things you need when you are #quarantinebaking your way through the coronavirus pandemic.

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Social media has been awash in people sharing how their lives are changing due to coronavirus. Efforts to “flatten the curve” have meant people are spending much more time cooped up at home, and many have turned to bake. There are so many videos available on all social media platforms that teach you how to bake in an easy way. So, I’m going to list down 7 products you need now that you’re a baker extraordinaire.

• Kitchen scale

A kitchen scale while baking is extremely essential. It helps you get precise measurements and decrease your chances of messing the cake up. Following American recipes can be really hard, go for the one with standard measurement.

• Silicone cupcake molds
Silicons cupcake molds can be reused a number of times. You can make all the cupcakes you want using the reusable silicone cupcake molds. These molds are the perfect, less messy, more economic alternatives to single-use paper molds.

• Loaf tin

Bread are something everyone loves to bake. It can be eaten at any time of the day, and with coffee. Speaking of bread, an actual loaf tin is important so your dough can rise and look more like bread than a cake.

• Electric whisk

Whisking the cake batter, the whipped cream can be really tough manually. An electric whisk is a must, so you can spare your arms the workout and make bigger batches of sweet treats.

• A set of silicone mittens

You don’t want to burn your fingers, do you? And why bothers putting those mittens for a wash when you can get a set of two silicone mittens that can handle heat up to 250 degrees celsius and are super easy to use and clean. Some of these mittens have a weak magnet in them which makes it easier to hold on to pots and pans.

• Rainbow confetti

Rainbow confetti tastes really nice. This classic rainbow confetti or vermicelli can add instant oomph to your cakes or to subtly hide baking mishaps. Adding this to anything makes it look infinitely cuter.

• Cookie cutters

Round cookies are boring and mainstream now. Try something new during the quarantine. Get cookie cutters of different shapes. This will turn your basic cookies into a beautiful spectacle.

Happy Baking!!