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7 million likes in 40 hours. Broke his own record this time. Carry Minati, who was emotional when the video was removed.

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Over the last month, the case of TikTok vs YouTube has been in trend on the internet. To end this case, Carry Minati (Ajey Nagar) uploaded a video titled Youtube vs Tiktok: The End. The video rocked on YouTube. Carry’s recorded video was viewed 74 million times and liked by over 10 million people. With this, this video became the most liked video of India.

The case took a turn when YouTube removed Carry’s video from its platform saying ‘this video is against YouTube’s hares and bullying policy’. This was followed by several big YouTubers, along with stars Carry. Even on Twitter, #JusticeForCarry has become a trend all over the world. However, this video did not come back.

Now Carry has put his side to his fans and the rest of them through a video. Carry has released a video titled STOP MAKING ASSUMPTIONS. In this, Carry tells his fans and others not to make assumptions and watch the video in his context. Further, Carry says, ‘I was very sad that the video had been deleted. I have not yet found out why or why the video was deleted due to the dialog. I see that people are misrepresenting my dialogues.

Carry looks quite sad in this video. The pain of deleting videos can be clearly seen on his face. At the end of the video, he says, “Please, do not consider your perception as fact. I do not know for which dialogue the video is removed, so please do not make any assumption on your part and understand the entire context. People have given a lot of love to this video too. By the time the news was written, the video has garnered over 34 million views and has been liked by over 7 million people. If you keep getting likes with this speed, then this video will become the most liked video of India on YouTube.

Many people tweeted in support of Carry after the new video of Carry Minati came out. Singer Guru Randhawa wrote, ‘I think this video of Carry Minati will break the records made by any of the creators of the world so far. This is a proud moment for all Indians. Best wishes for your next creation. ‘ Let me tell you that YouTube had also removed Roast videos of Carry Minati as well as roster Elvish Yadav, Lakshya Chaudhary. Of these, the video of Elvish Yadav is back.