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7.3 magnitude earthquake came in Venezuela, a lift of the shopping center fallen down.

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Caracas, With tremors of the earthquake in Venezuela’s northeast coast, panic spread among the people in the capital and they started running out of buildings and ran away. At the same time, the government rally in favor of controversial economic reforms was also affected for a while.

The American Geological Survey recorded the magnitude 7.3 earthquake on Tuesday and said that the epicenter was at 123 kilometers of depth at 20 kilometers from the north-west of Yaguaraparo, Venezuela.

An eyewitness in Quman told that many people were injured in the shopping center where the elevator fell. But there is no news of any other damage to any kind of premises. Fire Brigade Captain John Bocquet said in Caracas that there are no reports of injuries or buildings or houses to any kind of damage at the moment. In 1997 a similar earthquake killed many people.