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6 Most Important Things for a destination wedding. You must know.

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Watching movies like ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ and reading articles about the fairy-tale weddings of Priyanka Chopra-Nick Jonas and Deepika Padukone-Ranveer Singh sure gives us destination wedding goals. Who wouldn’t want to tie the knot with their significant other in a serene but majestic far-off land? Cities like Udaipur have already become destination wedding hotspots for prosperous couples planning their big day. 

However, what the movies don’t tell you, is all the planning and hard work that goes behind making such fairy-tale dreams come true. No one person can make all these elaborate plans regarding the destination, the theme, the food, the dress and make-up, the décor, the photographs and all the endless hard work involved in weddings. In reality, everyone needs a ‘Made In Heaven’ team to make their wedding dreams come true. 

Here, we have made a list of everything you need to know about destination weddings to pull of one that will forever be etched in your memories!

  1. The Location. 

The first and arguably, the most important consideration should be your location. You need to keep in mind the mood, the ambience, your budget, the weather, travel time and the overall vibe of the place. You also need to consider the availability of hotels and lodging options for your guests. Want a fashionable high-profile wedding? Choose Paris or Milan. Want a small ceremony in a calm serene location? Santorini in Greece is your go-to. Want to revel in royalty and luxury? Why, our very own Udaipur is perfect! After you’ve decided on a location, it is always safer to visit the place once yourself to fix everything according to your needs.

  1. Fix a date and time. 

If you are travelling to a faraway place, make sure that you are acquainted with the climate of the area and are adequately equipped to deal with any unforeseen circumstances. The date should not coincide with any national holidays or festivals. If you want your wedding in the Caribbean, make sure you don’t time it with the hurricane months. Since most wedding destinations are almost always in demand, you should ideally book your slot way in advance to avoid any hassle. 

  1. Pick the correct wedding planner. 

This cannot be emphasized enough, as the wedding planner can either make your big day heavenly or ruin it completely. Your wedding planner needs to be your best friend and closest confidante in the months prior to your big day. Research well about different agencies and then choose one that best suits your needs. Many destination wedding resorts offer specialised wedding partners as well, which can prove to be cheaper than hiring a wedding planner of your own. Make sure that you double check everything with your planner, from flowers to vendors, music, décor, logistics, travel, gifts, special requests, and most importantly (for Indian weddings, of course), the food. Make sure your planner is equipped to deal with anything that may come up. Make an estimated budget and give it to your planner, this will help them cater to the best of their abilities. 

  1. Send out invites as early as you can. 

Your guests need to know that they’ll be travelling to an unknown place, and they also need to consider their own travel expenses in addition to setting apart time to attend the ceremony. You cannot expect guests to show up in a short notice. Ideally, you should let your guests know about your big day at least eight months prior to the date. 

  1. Be aware of the local laws. 

Always research the local marriage laws and requirements before fixing a venue. Certain countries like UK and France require the couple to reside in the respective nations before they can tie the knot there. This is known as the residency requirement. In some other countries, you need a government permit or a local minister to officiate the wedding. In emergency situations, it is always preferable to get permission from the government to make your wedding official. Researching these rules before planning a wedding is always wise. 

  1. Make sure you have wedding insurance. 

This is a relatively new concept, but where destination weddings are concerned, it is always wise to ensure that you are covered under insurance. As mentioned before, anything can go wrong at any time no matter how perfectly you have planned your big day. Insurance can be very expensive, but it guarantees your peace of mind. 

We hope that this helps you choose a proper destination and allied requirements for your big day. Once you are set, go ahead and get yourself that gorgeous Sabyasachi lehenga or the Vera Wong gown you’ve drooled over for years. Let the ‘shaadi season’ begin with a properly planned destination wedding!