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6 cheap online courses you can easily learn from home.

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Online courses are a big deal right now. You can literally find a number of courses to learn anything – completely online, at your own pace, and in your pajamas!

How many times have we seen this proverb proving true in our life: “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take”. As we grow older, we constantly compromise on our dreams and aspirations because we don’t really have the time for it and also because there are a number of responsibilities.

So, now is your time to learn everything you’ve wanted, at home itself. I came across a number of courses online, and now I’ll be listing down 6 of them right here.

1. Graphic designing

If the sight of blank papers and sketch pens have always excited you and you spend most of your time drawing and doodling, then it’s time to take your creativity up a notch and learn graphic designing online.

2. Programming

Programming is a vital part of setting up a website. There are various programming language to learn from. Programmers basically code algorithms in programming languages. So if you’re interested, check it out online.

3. Foreign language courses

Learning Foreign language can add bonus points to your CV. Additionally, it will help you to improve your vocabulary and interacting skills. So it’s a win – win.

4. Creative Writing

If you can weave stories in your head with anything and everything, you can go for creative writing. It is extremely helpful as it also improves your vocabulary and with this you can easily bag a job in a prestigious creative writing firm.

5. Human Resource management

If you think you have a good managerial skill set especially with the ability to manage and coordinate with people at workplace, you need to try out Human Resource management.

6. How to make an application

There’s this really amazing course on Udemy (check it out on Google, it’s great) that’ll teach you how to create applications and submit your first fully functional application to the App Store before the end of the day. Isn’t it cool?

There are many other free courses available online that will be of extreme help in near future. So go and start with your ‘course hunt’ on Google soon.