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5G services launch in India: PM Modi will announce the launch of 5G services

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Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will officially introduce 5G services in India. At the India Mobile Congress (IMC) conference taking place at New Delhi’s Pragati Maidan, the prime minister will declare the availability of 5G services. Although 5G services will begin today, users may not have access to 5G for some time.

Reliance Jio has previously provided a Jio 5G service launch schedule. The telecom operator revealed that it will roll out 5G services gradually at its annual general meeting (AGM) 2022 event earlier this year. By Diwali, which is later this month, Jio 5G services will initially launch in 4 cities. Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and Mumbai are among these cities.

When will Jio 5G services be available in other regions of the nation is the query. That will take some time, I suppose. Jio stated during the AGM 2022 event that Jio 5G services would only be available in other regions of the nation by the following year. During the annual general meeting, the company’s CEO stated that Jio 5G services would not be officially launched nationwide until December 2023. Therefore, if you had believed that your Jio phone will have access to 5G today or shortly, you were mistaken.

In fact, the first wave of 5G services will only be partially available in the four early adopter locations. Not everyone in Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and Mumbai who has a Jio number will experience 5G before Diwali. Jio 5G services will be accessible in various areas of the cities, as is custom. For instance, the Delhi Airport T3 in the capital promises 20-times faster connectivity for travellers and is already 5G-ready.

Before the launch of 5G in India, the Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL) declared that 5G services are now available at Delhi’s T3 Airport. In a formal announcement, DIAL stated that the 5G network will soon be available to travellers departing from Delhi Airport Terminal 3. The 5G network will provide internet speeds that are 20 times quicker than the airport’s current Wi-Fi infrastructure, according to the authority.

According to a recent statement from the Ministry of Communications, 5G will be introduced by the Prime Minister in a few cities and will eventually cover the entire nation. By 2035, India’s total economic benefit from 5G is anticipated to be $450 billion.