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58% of women prefer smoking after sex : Study

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Smoking is increasing in women and their method is different from men. In a study done on 500 people online, 33 percent of women were smokers, in which the number of Delhi, Maharashtra and NCR was almost equal.

Keep your words open
In this study, women have openly kept their sayings, which is why many shocking facts have also been revealed. In this study, on one side, open talk about the practice of smoking, the way and the place, there have also been facts which show that during the time, smoking has increased among women.

Age 26 to 35 years
This study was done by Indus Health. The women in this study were between the ages of 26 and 35 years. The concern is that women prefer to smoke in their homes compared to men. 94 percent of women prefer to smoke cigarettes in their homes. While men prefer to smoke after eating, 58 percent of the women like to smoke cigarettes after sex. Not only this, men do not think much about their budget for cigarettes, but 33 percent of women make a budget for Smoker. Doctor of Indus Health says, the study reveals that 51% of smokers did not smoke beforehand in the homes, so it would be wrong to say that people learn-and see.

What do statistics say?
– 70% of men prefer smoking after eating
– 81% smokers also smoke at home
– 19% smokers do not smoke at home because of their family’s presence
– 94% female smokers smoke cigarettes at home
– 74% of men smokers smoke in their home
– Balcony, garden, bedroom and restroom are the favorite place of smoker
– 24% smokers said that cigarettes will leave for the child’s planning
– The best place to hide cigarettes is either office or laptop bag