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5 ways on how to stop caring what others think of you

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“Log kya kahenge,” we’ve spent all our lives hearing this phrase. We’ve always been taught how to dress up, how to walk, talk, just because “log kya kahenge” No matter how much we say it doesn’t bother us, we can all agree that deep down it does. We’ve been brought up with that mentality that we can’t stop caring what people think of us even if want to. So here are 5 tips on how you can stop yourself from caring what other people think of you.

• Change your perspective

The change begins with you, you need to change your way of viewing things. Remember that everyone has a lot on their mind already. People don’t think of you as much as you think they do. Just like when you meet someone for the first time and then wonder what he must’ve thought of you, believe it or not, that person is doing the same. Everyone thinks about themselves the most.

• Be realistic

Not everyone will like you and that’s completely alright. You weren’t put on this earth to please everyone. You don’t need people to like you for being healthy and happy. Even if you’re not the funniest guy in your group, it’s okay! There’s so much more to life.

• Question your own negative thoughts

Is it really as bad as you’re making it to be or thinking of it? It probably isn’t. Generally, people tend to be more drawn to negative patterns of their own minds. Try questioning your own negative thoughts and challenge then. Don’t let them run you. Most of our problems are only in our heads.

• Stay away from negative people

You do not need any kind of toxicity in your life. If there is someone or some people who always have a problem or have something negative to say no matter what you do or say, stay away from them. Whether they’re your friends, your family, stay away. You must not let anyone put you down or make you doubt yourself. You should always be your priority.

• Talk to someone about it

Communicate. Always talk to someone about it. If you’ve been catcalled, talk to someone about it. May it be a friend, a parent, or a therapist, let it all out if it’s affecting your daily life. It can lead to trauma in the future, so it’s better if you don’t bottle it up. Please pay proper attention to your mental health. You are loved, you are appreciated and you matter a lot. Don’t care about what others think, if you love it, do it. Don’t let anything or anyone stop you.