5 things happening around the world that require more awareness.

5 things happening around the world that require more awareness.

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Biased journalism – where journalists and news producers select the events and stories in a biased way that are pervasive are widespread. There is so much going on in the world that is being ignored due to bias. Only controversial news is being covered and the important ones are being ignored. This article is to create awareness about the things going on in the world that most people aren’t aware of. Here are 5 such countries that require more media attention.

• Serbia

The Serbian government has lied to the masses about the severity of the coronavirus pandemic in the country. Protests began, not against COVID 19 but against the years of political manipulation, deception, corruption, the lack of freedom, and poor living conditions that the Serbians have had to deal with as a result of their government. As a result of the protests, the government sent police out to use violence against the protestors, they used tear gas, ammunition, nightsticks, horses, and even cars were used to run over protestors. Serbia is living in a modern-day dictatorship with no media coverage, petitions and donations won’t do much but using your voice to spread awareness will.

• Palestine

The Palestine-Israel conflict is one of the world’s longest-running and controversial conflicts. The conflict is between two movements, the Jewish Zionist project and the Palestinian Nationalist project that lay claim to the same territory. This is another issue that the state is dealing with along with the novel coronavirus pandemic.

• Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is going through massive human rights issues as many are unable to express freedom of speech. People are not out on the streets protesting and marching for their rights. The government has accused Western embassies of sponsoring the protests in an attempt to topple President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Human Rights NGOs have said that they are witnessing arrests, detentions, beatings, and stalkings of activists. More than 7 people have died due to police brutality. Police and governor spokespeople have dismissed allegations. This dictatorship Zimbabwean people are seeing has to end.

• Libya

The Libyan crisis refers to the ongoing conflicts in Libya. There were two civil wars, the aftermath of the 2014 Libyan Civil war resulted in tens of thousands of casualties. During both the civil wars, the output of Libya’s economically crucial oil industry collapsed to a small fraction of its usual level, despite having the largest oil reserve in African county. Most facilities were blockaded or damaged by rival groups.

• Armenia

Azerbaijan has violated the UN’s appeal for a global ceasefire by unprovoked attacks against Armenia. Between July 12th and 14th 2020, serious armed clashes occurred on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan resulting in the death of at least 11 soldiers from the Azerbaijani side and 4 soldiers from the Armenian side. This is the most serious border conflict since April 2016, when a four-day war broke out between the two countries. Civilian structures in Armenia have been targeted and Azerbaijan has also threatened to bomb the nuclear power plant in Armenia.