5 Reasons Why Relationships Are So Difficult To Maintain, According To Experts

5 reasons why relationships don’t work well these days

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We have all wondered at least once why we don’t have a relationship like the ones in 90’s sitcoms. There are many reasons why modern relationships don’t work as smoothly. Here are 5 things you need to know that kill modern relationships.

• We start for the wrong reason

We’re a part of a generation that will literally rush into anything just so that we can tell the world we have something. You can be everything you need if you have the patience for it. You need to build yourself, create security, understand your emotions and heal from your history. A relationship should add to your life. A relationship shouldn’t be your entire life.

• We prioritise the wrong thing

The person you’re going out with should be your second priority. The same is with you, you should want to be their second priority. Your first priority should be you, your ambitions, your life and your future. If you can’t find happiness, security, and emotional stability alone, you’ll struggle to find it together.

• We’re too superficial

This generation we live in is full of beautiful hopeless romantics who’ve spent all of their time on their appearance, and not enough time on their mind. Remember, being physically attractive is a great way to get their attention. Being mentally attractive is the only way to keep it. You will get what you offer – offer substance.

• We ignore all the obvious red flags

If you want a long – term relationship that is also very successful then you have to get better at accepting and addressing uncomfortable truths as soon as possible. Issue that are not addressed well and would barely take a few days to fix can hurt a relationship for years.

• False social media expectations

Social media platforms make everyone’s relationships look picture perfect, so now imperfect real relationships feel disposable. Expecting perfection from a relationship is the fastest way to find unhappiness. Instead of false social media perfection, search for fulfilment, substance, realness, friendship and mature communication.