5 life-changing reasons why you should learn a new language this year

5 life-changing reasons why you should learn a new language this year

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This lockdown is the best thing to do a lot of new things. Most of the people only think about reading, drawing, dancing, singing, etc. What we don’t realise is it’s not only the best time to work on your hobbies but also an excellent time to learn something new. When you can learn a lot many things, why not learn a new language? Learning something never goes in vain, no matter what. Here are 5 life changing reasons why you must learn a new foreign language this year.

• It’ll boost up your confidence

Learning a foreign language is an amazing way to boost poor self-esteem and help develop more self confidence. You will start feeling confident about yourself and you’ll be able to communicate well. It’ll help you prepare to overcome your fears and doubts.

• You’ll be smarter

Studies have shown that speaking a foreign language actually improves the functionality of your brain! That’s right, you become even smarter when you constantly challenge it to recognise, negotiate meaning, and communicate in different language systems. It’ll also be like another feather in your hat.

• You’ll have a better memory

Learning a new language is a great exercise for your brain. You’ll be able to learn and remember things easily. Studies show that those who speak multiple languages are actually better at remembering lists and sequences. And so, boost your memory this lockdown.

• Your travels will be transformed

Isn’t it great when you go to some other country and you can converse with the locals? Like, what if you get lost and no one knows the language you speak there? Your travels are going to be so much better when you know another amazing foreign languages.

• You’ll be more employable

As the world becomes more and more progressive and globalised, companies look forward to expand their business internationally. So, most of the companies prefer people who are multi lingual. It’ll be one of your perks in your skillset. Don’t you think you’ll have better chances of being hired for the job you want if you have another language up your sleeve? So go ahead, and learn a new language this year and make the best out of your leisure time.