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5 extremely healthy foods that will improve your digestion

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We often complain about having a really bad stomach ache. Most of them are because of indigestion. For all those who are not aware, indigestion is usually caused due to the functional problem of the gastrointestinal tract. Indigestion is also caused by certain medical conditions and lifestyle factors. So, in order to improve your process of digestion, add the following
foods in your diet and you will never complain about having a stomach ache.

• Ginger

Ginger is a natural medicine known to improve digestion and accelerate gastric emptying. It is known to have concrete effects on the digestive process and in turn, relaxes the muscles of the intestine. Ginger stimulates bile, saliva, and gastric enzymes that assist indigestion, and also speeds up the movement of food from the stomach to the small intestine. Ginger has a number of benefits, it is also well known to reduce the risk of nausea, heartburn, and stomach discomfort in ayurvedic medicine.

• Wheat

Wheat is available in almost every household. Wheat is high in fiber which aids in the smooth functioning of the digestive system. The fiber in wheat adds bulk to the stool and can reduce constipation, and act as prebiotics and help feed healthy bacteria to the gut.

• Yogurt

Yogurt contains friendly good bacteria called probiotics. Probiotics, which live in your digestive tract are good bacteria that can help improve digestion and keep the gut healthy. Yogurt helps with digestive issues such as constipation and diarrhea, and bloating. It, therefore, improves digestion.

• Papaya

Papaya is really helpful as it contains a digestive enzyme called papain that
helps break down protein fibers and assist in the digestive process. The fruit is also known to ease symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, and constipation. Due to its gastrointestinal capacities, papaya is also used as the main enzyme in digestive supplements.

• Spinach

Spinach is the best source of fiber that helps to improve the process of digestion. Spinach is full of vitamins, magnesium, and folate. Spinach fuels the growth of good bacteria in the stomach, thus promoting digestion.