5 countries that’ll pay you if you visit them after lockdown

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The pandemic lockdown has affected the economies of many countries. So, a number of countries are luring tourists to visit by offering free hotel stays, food, and subsidies towards travel for after the lockdown.

Countries like Japan and Cyprus are launching offers to try and entice holidaymakers in a bid to kick-start tourism industries in their countries. The United Kingdom is luring tourists to their tourism and leisure sectors. So here I’ll be listing 5 beautiful countries which will pay you for visiting them after lockdown.

• Cyprus

Cyprus is pledging to cover costs for anyone who might end up testing positive for the coronavirus while vacationing in the east Mediterranean island nation. The government of Cyprus says it will cover lodging, food, drink, and medication for Covid-19 patients and their families. Patients will only have to pay for the taxi ride to the airport and the flight back home. A 100-bed hospital will cater exclusively to foreign travelers who test positive. Some 112 intensive care units equipped with 200 respirators will be reserved for critically ill patients not belonging from Cyprus. There will also be a ‘quarantine hotel’ for the relatives of the patient.

• Sicily

Sicily has become extremely famous after people watched 365 days on Netflix. The island is located off the coast of Italy. Sicily will pay holidaymakers up to half of the cost of their flights. The destination will also give them a free night to stay in the hotspot. Museums have also pledged to start operating with free entry for all tourists in Sicily.

• Japan

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said the swift development of vaccines and effective treatments for Covid-19 are priorities towards achieving the Tokyo Olympics next year. Mr. Abe wants to hold the Tokyo games this year in a “complete form” with spectators from all over the world, this will be human victory over the virus.

• United Kingdom

The UK’s tourism industry has taken a battering amid the coronavirus crisis – but staycation holidays could return within weeks. It depends on the rate of coronavirus transmission being kept down, however. Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said: “I would love to get the tourism sector up as quickly as we possibly can. We’ve set this very ambitious plan to try and get it up and running by the beginning of July.” Apparently they’ll be having many offers so that people and also the Brits can enjoy tourism in the United Kingdom.

• Mexico

Mexico is my favorite holiday spot. So if you fancy a trip to Cancun in Mexico, a hugely popular holiday resort in Central America, then you’re in luck. One amazing measure being introduced by hotels in the resort is a new ‘two for one’ offer, giving you a free night in the hotel if you pay for two.

So all you people with ‘wanderlust’ in your Instagram bios, pack your bags, and get ready for an amazing vacation after lockdown. Bon, voyage!