Ghost City

These are 5 cities of the world where ghost lives.


You do not trust anything like a ghost but there are many such places in the world where people do not live because of this reason. Today we are going to tell you about five cities in the world where people have stopped being the reason for the ghosts. Let’s know about the cities where man is not just the rule of ghosts

City of ukraine
In the city of Belarus on the outskirts of Belarus, no one lives for many years in the city. It is said that the city has been deserted since the nuclear disaster. People from here were vacated a long time ago. Since then, there are no people in this city till today. It is believed that now the city is ruled by ghosts only.

Have been vacant for years
One such city is in North Korea. Its name is QiZong-dong. The first two hundred families lived in this city. Since 1953, all the people living here escaped leaving the house due to fear. However, lights are lit for a time to show the world, so that the viewer should feel that there is no one here.

America’s Bodie
This place was discovered in 1886. In those days, people were coming out of the country due to the iron mines present here and settled down here. But gradually when the amount of iron started to drop, people started going from here. Even today, there are large buildings, whose condition looks like the ghosts live here.

A city of Belgium
People in this city of Belgium had stopped living since 2000. However, because of the reason behind this one is still already for the people. This city is endowed in every case but there is no one to stay here today.

It is said that this city was only deserted due to one mistake. Actually, on June 10, 1944, an officer received the notice that one of his companions was taken hostage in the city.