Milind Soman,Anil Kapoor,Boman Irani,Jackie Shroff,Amitabh Bachchan

5 Bollywood male celebrities over 50 who are setting style goals for men half their age.

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Style never gets old and these Bollywood actors never seem to age either. Do you remember back when the whole ‘FaceApp’ fiasco was a thing? People, I mean Bollywood celebrities in particular would post their “aged” photos on social media, probably impressed by how good looking they would be at the age of 70 – 75 years.

Oh boy, were they mistaken? They couldn’t have seriously thought that 40-50 years from now, they would have a full set of teeth, a head full of hair, and most obviously, a tight set of washboard abs. Or could they? Well, if the following men are any indication, they sure can. For these men, age is an arbitrary number- meaningless and futile. So, here I’m going to list down five Indian male celebrities who have proved over the years, that men too can age like fine wine.

• Milind Soman, 54

That salt & pepper hair, those just out of bed eyes – there are a number of reasons why women and men just start gushing and drooling at the sight of Milind Soman. But seriously, you guys should follow him really closely and try to imbibe what he does for his grooming and fitness routine as much as you can.

• Anil Kapoor, 63

This handsome man has set some serious style goals for men over the years. You tell me, has a man ever looked considerably younger and stylish than his own son in law? Or his son for that matter? I rest my case here. Truth be told, Anil Kapoor doesn’t look a day more than 30.

• Boman Irani, 60

Boman Irani! Where do I even begin with this man? He has a very refined and nuanced sense of style, which oozes class, elan, and sophistication. As impeccable as he is an actor, as a bonafide style icon, he is also someone who you should be stalking on social media if you want to class up your act and wardrobe a notch.

• Jackie Shroff, 63

Jackie Shroff is literally the definition of cool and dapper. He is extremely gruff, stylish, and chilled out. Always dressing brilliantly is a huge task; adding a bit of flair and panache that always spot in, is even more difficult. However, not for Jackie Shroff. He not only aces this each and every time, but he has also given us style lessons on more than just one occasion.

• Amitabh Bachchan, 77

You knew this was coming, didn’t you? Honestly, this list would be incomplete without Amitabh Bachchan. Be it streetwear or Indian ethnic wear, the man slays everything and he looks so cool in whatever he wears. Aldo points for us a lesson or two in sustainability when it comes to fashion. Big B is someone you look up to when you’re in doubt regarding your outfit.