Queen Elizabeth, List of new year honors, 33 people of Indian origin in the list

33 Indian-origin people in Queen Elizabeth’s list of new year honors.

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List of people who are honored by Queen Elizabeth on New Year include 33 people of Indian origin. It has been decided to honor these people with recognition to their services given to Britain. Professor Pratibha Laxman, a professor of the University of York and chairman of the Electron Microscope, has been decided to confer ‘Dhamhud’ for his services in the fields of chemistry and technology. He is credited with preparing a microscope that has the ability to see chemical reactions at the atomic level.

Among the other Indian-origin people in the list, nine people have been decided to honor the Order of the British Empire (OBE), 16 people to the Members of the British Empire (MBE) and seven to the British Empire Medal.

List of people who have been awarded OBE include Jarnail Singh Athwal, Charanjit Singh Bantra, Ranjit Lal Dhir and Ralesh Kumar Jadeja.

The list of people who are honored with MBE include Omkar Deep Singh Bhatia, Bobby Gurbhaj Singh Deo, Gilliya Dhillon, Atul Kumar Bhogilal Patel, Mubin Yunus Patel, Gurmeet Singh Randhawa, Shyamlal Kanti Sen Gupta, Professor Vikas Sagar Shah. Damehood and other honors will be given to Queen Elizabeth and other members of the royal family in Buckingham Palace during the different periods of 2018.