Apple says all Macs, iPhones, iPads exposed to chip security flaws

Hackers eye on Apple’s iPhone, I Pad and Mac, this is the way to avoid.

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On behalf of Apple, it has been said that the company has been affected due to the chip security problem of all the iPhone, iPad and Mac computers. However, the company said in the statement that no news of the effect of hacking has yet come to consumers.
Security update may be slow 
On behalf of the company, it has been advised to download the latest updates released by Apple to prevent any kind of hacking from its users. At the same time, the company has also said that after downloading it, the phone and computer may be slower, but it will keep your device safe.
Apple’s products are used in Intel’s chip 
In fact, there is a possibility that hackers will be banned by the use of Intel chip and the security of computers and mobile around the world. Apple uses Intel’s processor in its Mac computer and the same chip is used in Apple’s iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch.
Download App from Apple Store 
A statement released by Apple said that no news of hacking has been impacted by consumers yet all of the company’s computers can come to the target of hackers. Apple has asked consumers to download data or software from a trusted source. Go to Apple’s user app store and download useful applications for yourself.
Occasionally updated updates
Apple on December 13 Update 11.2, December 10, for Mac’s operating system 10.13.2 and the TV operating system has released the December 4, 11.2 update. On behalf of the company it has been said that this update is able to protect from any kind of updates.
Apple Watch is safe from hackers
Apple’s watch operating system does not need any updates. It has been said from the company that software is being prepared to protect Apple’s browser safari from attack which will be released in the coming days. This new software company will protect the computer from possible attack via Java script.
Two drawbacks were caught
Two technical holes have been found in Intel’s Advance Holding Device and MRM Holding Chip. Both have been named Maltdown and Spactrey. According to Google’s researchers, 90 percent of the world’s microcomputer computers are being processed and with the help of these, almost every phone is being played in the world. That is, most of the world’s phones and computers are aimed at hackers.
What’s the point of Intel’s?
Meanwhile, Intel, a chip maker, says the company has released a patch to prevent this problem. By downloading this patch and updating the operating system, potential danger can be avoided. However, according to Intel CEO Brian, this could lead to slow phones and computers up to 2.5 percent. At the same time, online service can cause problems with fast downloading.