3 dead in fierce firing in Sweden.

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Copenhagen, In the fierce firing between criminal groups in Sweden’s third largest city of Malmö, 3 out of 6 injured people died. The shootout took place in an internet cafe. Sweden’s Justice Minister described the firing incident as a disgraceful crime.

Sweden’s Justice Minister Morgan Johnson told Sweden’s news agency TT that it is a hate crime and our main objective is to fight organized crime. Malmö’s police chief Stefen has refused to consider the firing as a terrorist incident at the press conference. They said that there was a clash between groups fighting over the area and respect, in which 3 people died.

In recent years, such a struggle in major cities of Sweden has become very common. Stefen told that there is only 3 or 4 gangs in Malmö city. Please tell that this city has already been infamous for violent clashes.