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3 common red flags in a relationship that are often ignored


Sometimes when you really like a person, you often tend to ignore the times they hurt you. You ignore all the red flags and go on with it. We often ignore the toxicity in the behaviour of the person we like.

Maybe the person is doing it unintentionally but when you’re hurting, you need to talk about it and call them out. Here are 3 most common red flags that tell you’re not a good partner.

• You keep your ill feelings bottled up.

A lot of fights in a relationship blow out of proportion because the partners don’t communicate enough. While pointing out every single mistake, no matter how small or trivial it is, it’s a big no-no, so is bottling up your negative feelings. Waiting around for your partner to understand what’s wrong with you is not the right way to deal with an issue. Be open and be honest about things that matter to you and how you feel about them. You can’t expect each other to play psychics in a relationship.

• You always tag along when your partner is out with friends.

Being together always might look cute at the moment, but in the long run, it could be the root of many problems. It is good that you and your partner enjoy spending so much time together, but space is important too. Co-dependency is healthy to an extent but when you stretch it too far, it can lead to bigger issues. Just like a rubber band, the harder you pull, the higher are chances of it breaking. You could overwhelm your partner by doing so and at the same time lower your self esteem too.

• You never miss to point out every single mistake they make
Speaking your mind and being honest with each other is not wrong. But there’s a way to do everything. Taking it to the extent where you point out even the smallest mistakes they make is just not cool. Hurting the one you love or making them question their worth is not acceptable.

While the above mentioned red flags sound like no big of a deal, they do have a huge impact on how healthy or toxic your relationship grows over time. So, if you find your partner showing these signs or catch yourself doing things like that pretty often, then you and your partner need to take a step back and re-evaluate.