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24 percent Indian face online transactions fraud directly.

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Mumbai, Indians are now becoming more active in digital form, and at the same time their risk of financial fraud is increasing. One report says that one in four Indian customers is a victim of online financial fraud. Global Financial Information Company Experience reports that 24 per cent Indians are directly victimized in online transactions.

The telecom sector has to face the highest 57 percent online fraud. After this, the number of banks (54 percent) and retailers (46 percent) is in the numbers. Apart from this, Indian banks feel more satisfactory in sharing data with banks. Sharing data with 50 Indian banks. At the same time 30 percent share data with branded retailers. On average, 65 percent of people who have made digital transactions have opted for payment via mobile because they find it convenient. Only 6 percent of customers in India take security or caution about their shared data. In Japan, the figure stands at the highest of 8 percent.

It has been said in the report that 51 per cent of Indians are not reluctant to share their personal data for various services. The report warns that electronics and travel marketing companies make consumer data and transactions increase through them, but the risk of online fraud is highest in these areas. India has the largest digital consumption in the Asia Pacific region. 90 percent of the people involved in the study use digital services.

An interesting fact of this report is that, on the basis of demo-data, India is at fourth place with 70 per cent in terms of sharing disturbing data. This report is prepared in conjunction with consultant company IDC. This online survey is based on the opinion of consumers of 10 APAC markets in Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.