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22-year-old blogger Muhammad Bilal Khan shot dead in Islamabad.

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Blogger Mohammed Bilal Khan was murdered in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad on Sunday night. 22-year-old Bilal Khan was attacked in the G-9/4 area of ​​Islamabad. In a conversation with the Pakistani newspaper ‘Dawn’, Superintendent of Police, Malik Nayeem, confirmed the killing of the blogger.

SP Nayeem said that while the blogger Khan was attacked, he was in the G-9/4 area of ​​Islamabad. There was also a friend with him. Khan died in the attack, while his Ehtasham got injured. According to police officials, Khan had 16,000 followers on Twitter, while there are 48,000 on the YouTube Challenge and 22,000 followers on Facebook.

According to officials, Khan was murdered with a knife. Apart from this, the noise of bullet was also heard. It is believed that Bilal was murdered due to his posts on social media.

Condemning the murder of Mohammed Bilal Khan, who had been critical of the political and military leaders of the country, the Pakistani army said that the security forces of the government are not responsible for their death.

Khan was stabbed on Monday in the Karachi Company area of ​​the capital Islamabad. Maj Gen Asif Gafoor, a spokesman for the army, said that it is a malicious attempt and propaganda to trap government agencies in the murder of Khan.

The police is finding out about the phone call through which Khan’s attackers called him in Karachi Company area. It is said that Khan had close relations with radical Islamic groups. He used to regularly criticize Prime Minister Imran Khan and Pakistan’s powerful security forces on his Twitter account.