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2020 Indian Crime &Thriller Web Series to Watch during the Quarantine Period.

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“Bash your quarantine period with thrilling web series”

There is an outbreak of novel coronavirus in the world because of this
situation; the government has announced ‘LOCKDOWN’ in the whole of
India. Social distancing came out to be the only solution to it.
Wait for a second, guys this blog is not about terrifying coronavirus.
But, how about utilizing your self-quarantine period with some of the
best Indian crime & thriller web series.

2020 on its board, has started with several must-watch web series
based on suspense, crime, thriller, and action. You can watch these paid
streaming series on Voot, Netflix, Zee5, Hotstar, and Mx player.
Before starting the blog, there is suspense intact to the whole blog. So,
do read it till the end to unveil the x-factor. Let’s get started.

Madhuri Talkies (Created by Rajiv S. Ruia)– Streaming on MX player
Madhuri Talkies is an interesting series underlining the critical issue of rape and women-based crimes. This series comes out with full-on
drama, crime, and a hint of desi-touch to it. A web series with a strong
plot but so much lacking in screenplay & scriptwriting. It could have
been better on the account of dialogue delivery. However, both the
character of Manish and his craziness for his love toward Punita has
been beautifully portrayed.
UNIVERSE Rating: 5.5/10 and IMDB Rating: 9.8/10

Bhaukaal(Created by Jatin Wagle)– Streaming on MX Player
Bhaukaal is a series based on a true-life event of SSP officer Naveen
Sikhera from Muzaffarnagar, UP. The city of crime ruled by the set of
gangs creatively pictured in the series. Still, the whole series was lack of direction despite fine- acting skills of Mohit Raina, Ravi Pandey, and
Sanyam Srivastav. Yet, this web series doesn’t turn out to be impactful
over the audience.
UNIVERSE Rating: 7/10 and IMDB Rating: 8.4/10

Code M (Created by Akshay Choubey)– Streaming on Zee5
This series marks the digital debut of Jennifer Winget who has won
many hearts over the Silver screen. Code M comes out to be a change
to see a woman in the uniform. The whole series revolves around the
drawback of the army and the misuse of power. Whereas, the series
even tried to pull out some issues like homosexuality & casteism but
couldn’t connect to the audience. The storyline was good but the
screenplay wasn’t up to mark.
UNIVERSE Rating: 7/10 and IMDB Rating: 8.6/10

Jamtara (Created by SoumendraPadhi)– Streaming on Netflix
In this period of crime & thrill, the gangs of Wasseypur were released in 2012 based on Jharkhand crimes. Now, Jamtara added the whole new chapter in the book of Jharkhand crimes. This series portrayed the real life of a bunch of teens involved in serious bank phishing scams with the help of a local politician. It was quite interesting to watch but we found the series was too short to describe the storyline.
UNIVERSE Rating: 7/10 and IMDB Rating: 7.5/10

State of Seige (Created by Arjun Bijlani)– Streaming on Zee5
This Indian web series should be on your list if you are interested in
true events based storyline. 11years back, the whole country witnessed the biggest terror attack ever happened to India. The whole scenario has been portrayed and comes out with an impact on the audience. There is the best part with the direction over the life of Ajmal Kasab. On the other hand, the series also depicted how NSG & Mumbai police sacrifice their life to save Mumbai. All in all, it is worth employing your quarantine day in watching this series.
UNIVERSE Rating: 8.5/10 and IMDB Rating: 8.9/10

Rangbaaz Phirse (Created by Bhav Dhulia)– Streaming on Zee5
If you want a reason to watch this series, then Jimmy Shergill is a
worthy reason. The Actor known for his cute and romantic roles in
Bollywood has shown a tremendous performance as a gangster of
Rajasthan. However, after a long time, he is back with a bang and no
more an under-rated actor of Bollywood. Meanwhile, the storyline is
based on an intelligent boy who willing to be an IPS officer who gets on the path of popular crime and becomes a Gangster. If you are looking for a drama-based Thrilling action, this one could match it.
UNIVERSE Rating: 9/10 and IMDB Rating: 8.6/10

Special Ops (Created by Neeraj Pandey)– Streaming on Hotstar
A fictional web series created by one of the finest directors of Indian
Cinema. This series brought a clear vision and dedication of a man
hunting for the mastermind behind the 2001 parliamentary attack. Plus point of this web series is the acting of kay Kay Menon and all the
beautiful locations used by the director that makes this a Fictional
thriller masterpiece. But, as an Indian viewer, you are going to love the performance of actors, screenplay, and storyline but not as a critic.
UNIVERSE Rating: 9.5/10 and IMDB Rating: 8.8/10

Asur (Created by Gaurav Shukla)– Streaming on Voot
Asur is a fantastic fantabulous web series of 2020. This series is a
beautiful blend of crime, suspense & thriller. It holds an eye-catching
the storyline, terrifying crime plots, and a darker side of humanity. We must say screenplay couldn’t come out so attractively if Arshad Warsi and BarunSobti haven’t played a lead in it. The series gets you to enjoy the merge of science with the Indian mythology. We won’t reveal the
uniqueness of the story that may lead to a spoil spot for you.
UNIVERSE Rating: 9.5/10 and IMDB Rating: 9.1/10

Though, We are no one to rate this fabulous art of work. You may
vary over the rating but we rate it according to our taste and
preference. We have listed down the nine best web series of 2020. We
hope each quarantine day turns out to be smashing boredom with
these series. Stay connected with our blog to explore such web series.