2-deoxy-D-glucose drug: This will reduce patients ‘need for oxygen!’

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2-deoxy-D-glucose drug-like glucose spreads all over the body. Once the drug reaches the infected cells, the virus stops growing. The Defense Research and Development Organization of India, in association with Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, Hyderabad, has developed a powder form of the anti-corona drug. The drug, dubbed 2-deoxy-D-glucose, has recently been approved by the Drug Administration of India. It claims that it can reduce the oxygen demand of corona patients and can be used for emergency use.

A statement from the Union Ministry of Defense said, “The Defense Research and Development Organization of India (DRDO) has been involved in the development of the drug in response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for action against the Covid-19 epidemic. During the first wave of corona in April last year, scientists discovered that the drug worked against corona infections and controlled the disease.

Following the success of the first phase of testing, various tests conducted from May last year to March this year have shown that the molecules in this 2-DG drug help hospital-admitted corona patients heal faster and also reduce the oxygen requirement of corona patients. The Drug Administration of India has approved the addition of this 2-DG drug in addition to the common drugs given to patients with moderate to severe infections.

The second wave of the corona epidemic is expected to reduce the number of treatment days and save many lives, 2-DG, in an environment where many patients need hospitalization and oxygen. ” Dr Sudhir Chandana, Project Director and Scientist, DRDO, told the media about the drug. Once the drug reaches the infected cells, the virus stops growing. The drug also works against viral infections that can spread to the lungs, which can help reduce the risk of corona patients becoming dependent on oxygen. “