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18 Million Subscribers…Carry Minati: The Roast king of India became India’s top 3 Individual YouTuber. 7 million subscribers in 1 week. Bhuvan and Technical Guru surpassed.

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Carry crossed 18 million subscriber milestone within 1 week. Last week they had 10.9 million subscribers. After that, the new roast video of “TikTok vs YouTube – The End, he put the line of new records. That video was creating new records and breaking records. Then suddenly YouTube deleted his video for Bullying and cyber harassment. After which his fans and Youtubers came in his support. He started trending everywhere on Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube. After that, he also made a video of a message for his fans, after which now the video is also creating new records.

Technical Guruji is openly supporting and Guru Randhawa also supported him and retweeted on Twitter.

Who is Carrie Minati?
The boy running the Carry Minati YouTube channel is Ajay Nagar. 20-year-old Ajay Nagar is from Faridabad. Carry has been doing Mimicry many big actors since the beginning. Due to his passion, he had also left his 12th examination. He is currently studying through open schooling. At the age of 15, he created his first YouTube channel but was not very successful.

He did not give up on failure and then created a new YouTube channel on which he used to mimic many stars and named it ‘Sunny Deol’ and later changed it to ‘Carry Deol’. He came into the limelight when he roasted the famous YouTuber Bhuvan Bam. Subsequently, his subscribers grew rapidly. Presently, he is one of the known top 3 YouTubers of India. Even in the year 2019, the well-known magazine Times gave him a place in its list of ‘Next Generation Leaders 2019’. He has another channel on which he comes live every day to play games and chitchat.