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18 Indians stranded in the ocean for a year have not got grain and water.

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The condition of 18 members of the crew of the Indian Merchant Ship (Merchant Ship), which has been stopped since June last year at Fujairah port of UAE (UAE), is becoming worse every day. Captain of the ship has told that the weight of crew members is falling rapidly, they are in tension and have been hit by many serious diseases. Fujairah Port authorities stopped the gas carrier ship, Maharishi Vamdev, for not paying the outstanding amount allegedly by its owner Varun Global.

Captain Krishna Krishna of the ship informed through Fujaira via email and Whatsapp that the critical facilities like food and water are not being given to crew members and they are not being given full salaries. Families of these people and others have demanded intervention from them by writing letters to various officers including Directorate General of Shipping, UAE Embassy and Foreign Ministry.

Electrical Officer Jitendra Kumar Pandey was thrown from the hospital on June 4 after a pain in chest a few days ago. Krishna is now worried about the remaining 18 crew members and they are all Indians. Some crew members are suffering from leprosy-like diseases and there is also news of fast weight loss.