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177 trapped people rescued from a sea storm in Thailand.

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Bangkok, A total of 177 people, including tourists, have been safely evacuated from the tremendous sea storm in Thailand’s famous resort Island Phuket. Officials informed about this on Thursday. According to the news agency Xinhua news, 161 foreign tourists and 16 people of Thai hotel staff are among those who were rescued on Wednesday night.

They were transported safely to the island of Koh Racha, along the South East coast of Phuket with the boat by the naval patrol boat. Travel boats and other small ships, which run between Phuket and Koicha islands, have been strictly advised that they should not go to sea due to strong winds and high tide during the monsoon season.

Tourists come to the island in those days when the sea remains relatively quiet and there is no hope of a storm. Thai officials said that if the weather was okay, the boat submerged would be searched before August 12. It is noteworthy that due to the strong waves last month, at least 47 Chinese tourists were killed due to the sinking of a boat in the fire.