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17-year-old footpath dweller Asma Sheikh gets admission in KC college, shares her journey.

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Asma Sheikh, a 17-year-old footpath dweller who passed this year’s Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination conducted by the Maharashtra state board had been making headlines recently for securing 40% in her examination.

Asma secured admission in KC College, Churchgate, Mumbai. Milind Deora, Congress leader helped her get the admission. A few days back, Milind Deora took to Twitter and brought this news to light.

He tweeted, “Just spoke to Asma & extended all possible assistance with her college admission. She reminded me of my late father who also grew up studying on a Mumbai footpath, under a streetlight. The daughter of a nimbu paani vendor, Asma is entitled to a life of dignity & opportunity!” Along with this, he shared the link to an article about Asma Sheikh.

This reached a number of people with the help of which Asma will now be a student of a reputed college in South Bombay.

On the 3rd of August 2020, Milind Deora took to his social media handle to give everyone the good news. He tweeted, “Delighted that Asma has secured the option to study at Mumbai’s prestigious KC College. My deepest gratitude to Principal @DrBagla_KCC, @N_Hiranandani & the management of @HSNCUniversity for heeding my request. Makes #RakshaBandhan all the more special!”

Talking about her struggles to study, Asma Sheikh said, “I have been working very hard to be able to study. I would even use the street light in the night, just to be able to read. I usually studied during the night because it is less crowded then.”

When asked how she managed to study during the monsoon season she admitted that it was difficult.
She said, “Yes it’s a bit difficult to study during the rainy season. But my father used to make a plastic shade.”

When Asma’s father, Salim Sheikh was asked to express his emotions, he said, “I am very happy that my daughter has scored 40 percent and it’s a proud movement for me. I only studied until the first standard. People staying here on the footpath hardly study.”

He concluded by saying, “I came here with my father and have been living here since my childhood. I will be happy if my daughter can make her life stable and successful.”

This is a great lesson for all of us. We must never give up and keep trying hard to achieve our goals no matter how impossible they seem. Asma is an inspiration to many children out there who want to study. We’re all proud of Asma Sheikh.