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14 days, the murderer of Nirbhaya of Pakistan caught after 1150 DNA samples were examined.

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Lahore, In Punjab, in Punjab, the most prevalent case of raping and then killing her before a seven-year-old child in Kasur, shock the whole world. The situation is that the Supreme Court of Pakistan had given the ultimatum to the accused in the 72 hours to arrest the accused. On Tuesday, a day before the completion of this ultimatum, the Punjab Police arrested the accused and the child’s neighbor, but for this, the police has got DNA samples of 1,150 people in 14 days.

Punjab province Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said in a press conference, “murderous has been arrested. That’s a serial killer. ‘ Shahbaz told that the suspect has been arrested after 14 days of joint efforts by Punjab Forensic Science Agency, National Database and Registration Authority, Counter-Terrorism Authority, military agencies and leaders.

According to the Express Tribune, Shahbaz said, “The forensic agencies have checked 1,500 DNA profiles of suspects. After all, the accused’s DNA sampled match has happened. ” According to officials, the arrested 24-year-old accused is a neighbor of a girl and his name is Imran Ali.

It is worth mentioning that Zainab was missing on January 5. Her parents had gone to Saudi Arabia and she was living with one of her relatives. After this, his body was recovered from a pile of garbage near Shahbaz Khan Road on January 9. Rape confirmed in the post-mortem report.

There have been massive protests across the country in protest of the incident. In TV debates, this case was in the headlines. There has also been a lot of discussion in India about the human sensitivity and the incidents of rising poverty with children.