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12 year old child dislike the salad, parents served and child has made called to police.

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In Canada, a 12-year-old boy disliked the salad so much that when parents served it in the house, he called the police on an emergency number for his complaint. The child called emergency number 911 not once but twice. He called on 911 and complained that one of his parents has made a salad, which he does not like at all. Till the police reached the child’s house, he called again and asked how long the police is reaching his house.

According to the CBC News, the police received an emergency call at 911 on Tuesday night in Nova Scotia, in which a child complained of serving salad. The police used this opportunity to make parents aware that the children should be told correctly that in what circumstances should they call the 911 number. The police approached the child and explained not only the benefits of the salad, but also the circumstances under which 911 should be called. The police explained the child’s parents to this.

A police officer Hutchinson said that it is advisable to call 911 only in cases of emergency. He told that not only children but parents also misuse 911. Hutchinson said that he also receives calls like a TV remote is not available or the restaurant is not getting timely on the order. The police officer said that once a parent called 911 so that their child did not have a haircut of his choice.