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11 killed in cold in US; Ice dropped for the first time in 30 years in Florida due to bomb cyclone.

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Washington: In most parts of América, 11 people have died due to cold and snowfall. The National Weather Service (NWS) has said that in the coming days, the situation will worsen. The warning of the icy storm has been released. An expert told CNN TV that in some parts of the East Coast the temperature may be less than Mars (Mars). Emergency declarations have been made in some states. Temperatures are below 0 ° C in 90% of the US area. Snow cyclone has caused snow for the first time in 30 years in Florida. According to the data, after 133 years, there is so much cold in America. On the other hand, in the United Kingdom, the Eleanor hurricane was devastated on Wednesday. Because of this, wind speed at 160 kmph.

Emergency Declared Here

– Governors have declared the Emergency in Florida, North Carolina and Virginia. Even before the storm arrived in the North East, the crew loaded the trucks with ice.

– Public schools were closed in New York on Thursday. According to the NWS, in New York snow may fall by 8 inches and air speed can reach 50 miles / hour. In Boston also, schools have been discharged. Apart from this, the NWS has embarrassed Emergency from Virginia to me. The Weather Service says that ice may fall in the bow for about one feet.

What happens to bomb cyclone or bomogenesis?

– Bomb cyclone or bombogenesis occurs when a storm of biomethric pressure falls below 24 millibars within 24 hours. This makes the storm very powerful. Please tell that pressure of biometric pressure is under pressure and millibars is the unit of measurement.

– Judith Cohen, Visiting Scientist of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said, “This (bomb cyclone) is quite unique, its pressure decreases rapidly, this pressure can give rise to the cyclone of category forest or category II.”

Lakes and Fountain frozen

– The effect of cold and snowfall in parts of Georgia and California is high. Here the situation has worn to such an extent that in some places lakes and fountains are transformed into concrete ice. Most of the snowfall is taking place in the northern coast of Georgia and North Carolina.

– Having a snowfall with strong winds has given it the name ‘bomb cyclone’. This cyclone is moving towards New England. There was an 8-inch snowfall in 24 hours. Snowfall records in Pennsylvania have broken.
– 11 people have died due to cold in different parts of America. Many water sources, including Niagara Falls, have got settled. The coldest is in Omaha, Nebraska, where mercury is below minus 35 degrees. It is the lowest temperature since 1884. Ten million people from Texas to Canada are upset with cold winds.

Things will get worse
– According to the NWS – things can deteriorate in the next 24 to 48 hours. Here is the warning of Bamb cyclone. That is, the dangerous snow storm will surround the US. According to CNN, in some parts of the country including New England ice will fall in 6 to 12 inches. Snowy winds can run at 64 to 96 kilometers per hour.
According to the forecast, it is difficult to travel the road in South America and North-East of America. So people should avoid doing so. Given the weather in Georgia, the Emergency has been declared.

Which will be less than Mars
– Scientist Taylor Reagan of the Mount Washington Observatory of New Hampshire told CNN TV – The temperature of Mars was recorded several days ago – 2 degrees Fahrenheit was recorded. At the end of this week, temperature may be lower in some parts of North-East America. That is, it will be much cooler than Mars. Temperatures in these parts can be less than -35 degrees.
– Looking at the snow storm, 2700 domestic flights have been canceled on Thursday. This information is given by

Deaths here
Five in Wisconsin, four in Texas, two in North Dakota and Missouri, lost their lives due to the cold.

Advisory Issues
– The administration has issued advisory. It has been said that people stay in the house for a long time. Pets have been advised to keep them in the house. Keep Emergency Lite and other essential gadgets charge. Patients and small children have been asked specifically to stay at home. Florida’s water park has been frozen. Some Emergency Shelters have also been opened.

Winter in Britain and Ireland
The victim of this terrible winter is not just America. The western part of Britain and the cold in Ireland also forced people to stay in homes.
– The UK Meteorological Department said that snowfall can also occur in the UK, and winds can reach 90 miles per hour during this time.