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10 offbeat things to do while self-isolating in the Lockdown period.

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India is heading towards a lockdown extension until May 3rd, many are quite possibly running out of things to do beyond Netflix, work-from-home, or snoozing. This list will have you covered whilst making sure you come out of quarantine without losing your mind – and perhaps even with a new skill or two.

1. Find zen with Headspace

The first (and maybe the most important) thing during the pandemic will be taking care of your mental health. None of us have witnessed a situation like this before and that is causing a lot of us to panic, feel restless or stuck, and deal with anxiety, insomnia, or depression. While an app may not be able to cure any of that completely, it can help make things considerably easier. The Headspace app is one such app that can help you ease into a routine of relaxation and mediation. It also has soothing ‘sleep casts’ which one can drift asleep to. ‘Rainday Antiques’ is a free sleep cast on the app and is extremely comforting to fall asleep to. Another way to induce a peaceful sleep environment would be listening to a plethora of sleep sounds available for free on Youtube ranging from thunderstorm sounds to Hogwarts ASMR ambiance . 

2. Find out your MBTI type

What is your personality type? As per the Myers-Briggs type indicator, there are sixteen personalities in the world. You can discover yours by taking the fun, interesting, and free ’16 personality test’ available on the internet.

3. Reddit

In a world of Instagram and Snapchat, Reddit is an underrated gem. The app offers ‘subreddits’ which are essentially communities of people with similar interests. There are subreddits for almost every topic from science, to films, to conspiracy theories and urban legends. You are bound to find a subreddit that interests you. For instance, r/nosleep is a hidden gem for lovers of paranormal stories. 

4. Online classes 

The internet is a gift that keeps on giving and will be your best friend during self-isolation. Be on the look-out for numerous dancers, writers, singers, and chefs who are offering free online classes. Many universities, including Harvard, are also offering free courses, and you have the chance to come out smarter than ever post-lockdown. If you have a talent you take pride in, you could start your own Zoom series offering classes to people with similar interests!

5. Learn a language

Always wanted to learn Spanish, or maybe French, but never found the time? We have all been there. Lucky for us, we have that chance now. While an app like DuoLingo may not make you master a foreign language, it can still help you pick up the basics!

6. Netflix – but make it different!

Watch lesser known TV shows on the app. Here are some suggestions:

Dark, I’m not okay with this, Death Note (the anime), Unbelievable, Atypical, Cuckoo, Locke & Key, The Stranger, Bodyguard, Mindhunter, Black Mirror, All the bright places, Scream TV series, Tokyo Ghoul

7. Work from home and earn 

You can make money while sitting at home! Look for places offering work or internships that match your skills. Internshala is a good website for the same.

8. Keep a journal

This could be the time you finally pick up that notebook and start journaling. There are many videos on Youtube on how to maintain a journal if you are unfamiliar with the process. If not anything else, keeping a quarantine journal will be so much fun when you discover it a decade from now and look back on how you spent a global pandemic!

9. Read a book

Most people will reach out to social media or Netflix when boredom hits (not that there is anything wrong with that!). However, sometimes we tend to forget the power of a book. They have worlds of their own and you can get lost in them. Reaching out for that book you have been keeping on hold may just give you the out-of-the-world escape you never knew you needed.

10. Self-care season

In all likeliness we will never get back such a time again, so while we are in this, we may as well rejuvenate our mind and body like never before. If you are someone who has to function on minimal sleep, enjoy some good nights of rest.  If you straighten or curl your hair often, give your mane a break and watch it recover by adopting a hair-care routine! If you always have paint on your nails, you could use this time to let your nails breathe. You can learn how to DIY a face mask or pick up a skin-care regimen. The world is your oyster. 

While it is a difficult time for everyone, some more than others, it will help us to remind ourselves that we are all in this together.