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10 Nostalgic books that the kid in you would love

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Back when we were kids and didn’t have all these electronic gadgets, the best way to pass time was by reading a book or a comic. Remember the time when you used to come home super tired after playing cricket all day long, mom said a big ‘NO’ to watching tv, and we all sulked and turned to books. Oh, those books! How amazing they were. I still read some of them so I thought of taking you guys back in time too. Thode senti tum bhi ho jao. So here are 10 Nostalgic books that you would love and also the kids in your life would.

• Tinkle

Tinkle was hands down the best comic book. It was literally the OG comic. Chock-full of Kalia, Suppandi, Shikari Shambhu, Tantri the Mantri, Nasruddin Hodja stories which kept us company during those overnight train journeys to our native place.

• Malory Towers

Enid Blyton’s Malory Towers used to be one of the most loved children’s books. It’s basically a coming of age book series about a girl named Darrell Rivers and her adventures in her boarding school. It’s full of those misdemeanors and fun moments from childhood.

• Charlotte’s Web

This one is not that known but it used to be my favorite book as a child. It taught me love, friendship, compassion, courage, and ingenuity. It’s a story about a smart spider named Charlotte who saves Wilbur, the pig, who was going to be killed for his meat.

• Harry Potter

J.K.Rowling’s Harry Potter is so famous even today. And I couldn’t possibly miss this, could I? It was Harry’s journey in the magical world that kindled my undeniable love for reading.

• Nancy Drew

This list was so incomplete without our favorite detective Nancy Drew. As a kid, Nancy Drew was my role model and I really really wanted to be like her.

• Ruskin Bond

The classic Ruskin Bond tales from childhood have my whole heart. It was so funny and heartwarming and cute. The tales are going to keep them captivated for ages.

• Goosebumps

The only ‘horror’ we were exposed to as children. Goosebumps sure did give us our dose of horror stories, there was nothing better than those editions where we could write our own climax. That was super cool.

• Champak

All the millennials out there, this one for you. Champak, the kiddie magazine was amazing. It had everything, stories, puzzles, jokes, science, craft activities and so much more.

• The Princess Diaries

And this one’s for all the ‘papa ki Paris’ out there. Meg Cabot’s Princess diaries were so good. Mia’s journey from an awkward 14-year-old girl to the Princess of Genovia was so engaging. If you haven’t read this, please do.

• Archies

I saved the best one for last. All thanks to Archie’s comic that gave us a sneak-peek into American teenager life and so much more.