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There are more than 1 million Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

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Bangladesh: Bangladesh has counted more than 1 million Rohingyas refugees in camps near Myanmar border, which is more than the previous estimates. The preparations for the return of Rohingya refugees were made by the head of Bangladesh’s registration project this Wednesday. The Bangladesh Army had started biometric registration of these refugees after entering the new gang of Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar last year.

The Muslim minority in Myanmar has been facing atrocities for decades. The registration of refugees is being done so that they are comfortable in sending them back. However, refugees say they do not want to go back. Bangladesh said that it wants to start the process of sending refugees back to their country next week and within two years Bangladesh has also made an agreement with Myanmar to fulfill this process.

Saeedur Rahman, Chief of Brigadier General and Rohingya Registration Project, said in the Bangladeshi Army, “So far, we have registered 10 lakh 4 thousand 742 Rohingya. They have been given biometric registration cards. ‘ He said that registration of thousands of Rohingya refugees is still pending. Rahman said that the latest figures are more than the data provided by the United Nations. The United Nations estimates that 9 lakh 62 thousand Rohingya are living near the Myanmar border in southeastern Bangladesh.