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Xi and Trump meet after sanctions, no new tariff for 90 days: White House

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There is a positive sign of trade war between the US and China. Other than the G-20 conference in Argentina, there was considerable warmth in the meeting between US President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping. The White House has said that the meeting between Trump and Xi in Buenos Aires Year was successful. There is a consensus between the two leaders not to impose new import duties on each other since January 1, 2019. Both leaders also expressed their commitment to continuously communicate to end the existing trade war. The two also shared dinner together. It is believed that the snow on the relations between the US and China may soon melt.

Dinner meeting between Trump and Xi lasted about two and a half hours on Saturday other than the G-20 conference. Trump stopped plans to charge $ 200 billion for goods on China for 90 days. There has been talk of consensus during this period. Let us know that the US was going to import imported goods from 10 to 25 per cent of the goods worth 200 billion dollars of China from January 2019. Trump said that both the leaders and their advisors will discuss many topics.

Both leaders talk about friendship
The US president said, “We will discuss the trade and I think we will find a solution that would be right for both China and the United States.” She has mentioned personal friendship with leaders for global peace and prosperity. Significantly, in the middle of this year, the US had imposed an import duty on China’s $ 250 billion goods, after which China had imposed $ 60 billion in goods on the US.

The China Daily and Chinese broadcaster CGTN have also confirmed that President Trump and his Chinese counterpart have agreed to not impose a new tariff after January 1. It was believed that due to the increased tariff, the two countries were facing losses.

US-China Dinner Diplomacy
Prior to bilateral talks, Trump and Xi discussed several important issues during dinner in Buenos Aires. Trump told reporters at the beginning of the dinner, “This relationship is very special.” She mentioned his friendship with Trump and expressed his desire to work with them so that the global economy could be benefited. She said, “Only cooperation between us can achieve global peace and prosperity.”

The meeting between Trump and Xi was held at Hotel Duhau Palace-Park Hyatt, Buenos Aires. The trump was stayed at the same hotel. During this time, Trump was accompanied by Foreign Minister Mike Pompey, Finance Minister Steven Nucin, American Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, his son-in-law Jared Kushner, National Security Adviser John Bolton, and others.

In China’s delegation, Xi’s Cabinet chief Ding Shushing, Deputy Finance Minister Liu, Foreign Affairs Director of the Communist Party Yang Jiechi, State Councilor Wang Yi, Commerce Minister Zhong Shan and President of the National Development and Reform Commission were He Lifeng. After this dinner the trump went to Buenos Aires airport to go to Washington.