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Will the retail chain offer customers the willingness to pay? Pay when you want.

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First self checkout, then Amazon’s cashier free go stores and now when you do, make payment – I trust you. Actually, retail chains are working on an idea of ​​more than one idea of ​​enticing customers. In the same sequence, there is a store in Manhattan in the US where there is no shopkeeper, nor the counter payment gate. Anyone can go in and take out $ 10.83 (about Rs 780) with activated charcoal drinks. However, this is not free.

Generally a company called Dirty Lemon sells this beverage online. Dirty lemon is a startup that operates the Cashier Free Store. Indeed, Dirty Lemon thinks that the way customers pay their home after delivery at the order of their order, they will make payment through text message after taking a drink from the Payment Counter Free Store.

After taking a drink from this store, the customer has to make a message by writing Dirty Lemon. Then, by sending a link in the company’s representative reply, ‘Do you want anything else?’ Customers can pay by visiting this link.

The company’s CEO Jack is not worried about the fact that theft will be promoted from his store. While giving interviews in his store, he said recently, ‘I think most people will consider themselves guilty of stealing again.’ When he was asked that the company would be able to bear the stolen goods, he said that the company would consider sampling cost rather than loss.

Dirty lemon was established in 2015. She now has about 1 lakh customers, with at least half a month ordering at least six drinks. The company has now decided to open a counter in New York and other cities too. In addition, the company is also trying to raise funds from many celebrities and investors.