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Trade war: Trump’s preparations for tariffs on China’s 14 million crores of goods.

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Washington, America’s President Donald Trump is continuously growing steadily about the trade war against China. The Trump Administration is now preparing to impose a $ 200 billion (about 14 lakh 42 thousand crore) tariff on Chinese products to teach China a lesson. This news has been published in The Wall Street Journal on Saturday. According to the report, there can be a new level of dialogue between the two countries on the tariff dispute.

Last week Donald Trump had said that such a move could be picked up very quickly. According to sources in the Journal, the tariff can be up to 10 percent. However, at the beginning of this year it was said to be 25 percent. In the report, the formula is said to be an economic watchdog and a knower of the process. China and the United States have already imposed a 50 billion tariff on each other’s products.

Beijing has imposed a tariff of 60 billion US dollars (4326.30) on other American products and has released its new list. After the new tariff plan of the Trump Administration, there is every possibility of going to the next level of trade war between the two countries. White House spokesman Lindsay Walters has refused to say anything about the announcement of the next tariff.

The White House spokesperson has made it clear that the President Trump is quite clear at this time that the US administration will impose strict import duty on Chinese products to stop China’s unfair business practices. We have repeatedly urged China to take the initiative to resolve this long-running issue with the US. China’s Foreign Ministry has also agreed to negotiate with the US on this issue.