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Next year India will become the world’s fifth largest economy, countries like Britain and France will be left behind.

London : India is preparing to make a big leap in the World Economy. The ‘Center for Economics and Business Research’ i.e. Cebr has released this report for 2018. One report claims that India will be the world’s fifth largest economy next year after leaving Britain and France in the dollar terms. Joining India’s five […]

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US ready to ‘attack’ North Korea!

The United States has made full preparations to attack North Korea and during this time, it has made a special plan to take its nuclear weapons in its safe hands. The United States has recently reviewed the situation that nuclear weapons can be protected by ‘ground attack’ on North Korea. The Washington Post has published […]

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The Iraqi army invaded the Kurdish-controlled city of Kirkuk; The Kurds: At least seven people killed in battles.

The Pentagon said that the United States continues to support a “united Iraq,” saying that both sides should focus on fighting the organization of the Islamic state (Da’ash) and avoid creating unnecessary tensions among the Iraqi people: “We oppose any violence on either side, Iraq, “said Pentagon spokeswoman Laura Seale. On Sunday, the Iraqi National […]

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