Privacy, ireland initiate probe of fb bug, Facebook bug, Rest of Europe News

Ireland’s Data Protection Organization started investigating the Facebook ‘bug’.

Dublin, Ireland’s Data Protection Organization has started investigating Facebook. Social media giant has admitted that accounts of 68 million users affected due to a ‘bug’ or technical flaws. After this, the investigation started on Friday. The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) will be investigated under new strict European privacy laws. Similar investigations were done in […]

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riots in paris, Paris, fuel hike in france, france, civil unrest, Rest of Europe News

The rising violence in France, the government considering the Emergency, rising prices of diesel.

Paris, The unrest caused by the increase in prices of petrol and diesel is taking a serious turn. These conditions have triggered a fresh violence in this country, refreshing the 50-year-old memories. Earlier, there was such violence in the year 1975. After this, France is struggling with the most dangerous home turmoil. The situation is […]

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