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Huawei launches core 5G chipset and got more than 30 5G commercial contracts from around the world.

China’s company Huawei Technologies launched the world’s first core chip in Beijing on Thursday. This chipset is specially designed for 5G base stations. The name of this chipset is Tiangang. In addition, the company has also acquired 30 5G Commercial Contracts. More than 50 percent of these contracts are in Europe. The company’s executive director […]

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Xiaomi Introduces world’s first smartphone phone that will be fold 2 times, see video.

Chinese company Xiaomi, which produces mobile and gadgets, is constantly bringing innovative products on affordable prices, it is now preparing to bring in the phone. Xiaomi’s Vice President shared a double folding phone video. In this video, Xiaomi President Bin Lin is seen using this phone. This video shows that this foldable phone of Xiaomi […]

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