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Stress over US-China arms purchase from Russia, China canceled military exercises.

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The distance between the US and China is increasingly increasing the trade war. China had summoned US ambassador last week after the ban on each other’s products. Now China has canceled the military exercises that have taken place with the US. This information was given by the statement issued by the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

China’s Foreign Ministry said, “China’s navy Chief Shen Jinlong is being recalled from the United States tour. The talks of senior military officers to be held between China and the US next week are being canceled now. It was also stated in the statement that the Chinese army has the right to take further steps without further sharing information.

The military ministry spokesman said, “China’s decision to buy fighter jets and missile systems with Russia is a general decision. There is no reason to object to this decision between two sovereign nations. America has no right to influence this decision. ” The conflict between the two superpowers is increasingly increasing due to trade war.

Let us state that the US State Department had said that due to significant transactions with Russia’s main weapon importer, he will immediately ban the Chinese military’s Department of Equipment Development and its director Lee Shangfu. The US has imposed this restriction on Russia’s purchase of 10 Su-35 aircraft in 2017 and the S-400 missile system in 2018.