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So many frauds of the ATM card, the line in the police station, the account cleared midnight.

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New Delhi, Over the last few days, money is being leaked from people’s ATMs in different areas of Delhi. On Sunday, the long line of complaints were seen in the Shakarpur police station in East Delhi. The police said that a lot of ATM frauds have been registered in this police station this month. Yet some people complain that when they reach nearby police stations, they are avoided by saying that they should be taken to another police station.

Students of Lakshmi Nagar also went out of the account of Ashu’s account with Rs 5 thousand rupees in the morning. Money was withdrawn from Dena Bank’s ATM in Mandawali. When he reached Shakrapur police station, he was asked to go to Mandawali police station. They were also returned from there. There was no complaint even after reaching Shakrapur police station. Aarti Mishra, who lives in Mahipalpur, is in Axis Bank’s Madhubani, Bihar. From this, 50-50 thousand rupees were taken out twice. He lodged a complaint in Vasant Kunj police station, but the money was not returned.

Cheating at midnight, morning shock
By creating a clone (fake ATM card) of ATM card, the business of making a dent in the account is in full swing throughout the country. Card cloning often takes the first transaction from an account at around 11:50 pm. The second transaction is done after 12 o’clock in the night. It is counted in the next day. The account holder who sleeps at night gets information about the mobile message in the morning, but by then it is too late.

People sitting at home are hunting
About 300 complaints have been lodged in this year alone at Shakarpur police station. Alam was in the police station on Sunday morning that every 5-10 minutes people were arriving to complain. Police were suggesting some of them to file an online complaint through mobile. The rest of the people were registering their complaints in writing.