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Situations like Thailand Cave Rescue, made in Meghalaya. About 15 miners are trapped in the coal mine since December 13.

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Nearly 15 miners trapped in a coal mine in Meghalaya on December 13 have not been able to be extracted yet. Rescuers are struggling to reach these miners, but the possibility of surviving them due to the floodwater entering the mine is now becoming impaired. On the other hand, the families of these workers are expecting a miracle by praying to God. The smell is coming from the inside of mine.

Meghalaya’s Disaster Management Minister, Kyrmen Shylla said, “Only God’s grace and any miracle can help him to be alive.” Officials said that the rescue work was stopped due to flooding from the river located near mine on Sunday. NDRF commandant said that his 100-member team is near the coal mine but due to lack of equipment the rescue work is being affected.

It is being told that this coal mine is quite old and illegal. This type of mine is normal in Meghalaya. These mines of coal are dangerous due to being too narrow. To remove the coal from it, miners enter the mine from the stairs of the bamboo, which often leads to accidents. Of the 15 miners trapped in mine, seven people are residing in the West Garo Hills district while five are from Assam and three from Lumthari village. This incident happened in the village.

The state government announced an interim relief of Rs. One lakh each to the families of all these miners. The government has asked for a high powered pump to remove water from Coal India. The pumps which are being used for water extraction are now proving to be inadequate. On the other hand, the family has left the hope of returning their lives.

Shohar Ali says, ‘We have given up the hope of returning them alive. I just want the administration to bring their bodies back so that they can be cremated. ‘ Tell that the brother, son and son-in-law of Shohar Ali are trapped in this mine. Ali said that these people were working here for the greed of wages of 2 thousand rupees per day. On the other hand, according to the rescue workers, the smell is coming from inside the mine and it is believed that it is coming from the dead bodies of laborers.

Significantly, Congress President Rahul Gandhi tweeted and requested the help of these miners. He said, ’15 miners have been trapped in coal mine due to floods in the last two weeks. When PM Modi was poking the cameras by inaugurating of Bogibeel Bridge, his government refused to arrange for a high pressure pump for rescue work. PM Modi, please save the laborers. ‘