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Report : Do sex with your ex, Will forget even easier.

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It is said that after the breakup, the distance with the former partner is better. Although a recent report says exactly the opposite. According to a report published in a medical journal, sex with your former partner (Ex) helps you to get out of this relationship. That is, if you have sex with X for one night then it will be as easy as forgetting them.

Researchers have said that those who have done this feel less depressed than other people. Apart from this, such people have been getting positive emotions every day. Researchers have said that the psychological stress that occurs after the breakup, it becomes less when sex with the former partner.

To reach this result, the team did two research. In the first study, 113 people who were recently researched have been researched. After two months, some questions were asked during these surveys from these people. As if he tried to make a physical connection with Ex, how much is he still emotionally connected and how do they feel every day?

After this, 372 people were asked in the second study that how many times they tried to have sex with former partner, how often successful or unsuccessful, and do they still feel emotionally connected? The study revealed that talking to Ex is of no use, although people who have sex with former partners have great help in recovering from breakup.