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RBI has started making a ‘Public Register of Credit’ of borrowers, the information will be available on digital platform.

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The Reserve Bank has taken steps to establish a Digital Public Credit Register (PCR) to provide details of all the individuals and entities borrowing in one place. There will be information about pending legal matters related to irregularities in the names of those who do not return the loan and irregularities in repaying the loan. The purpose of this step is to stop the rigging of the financial market.

PCR will also include information from units like market regulator SEBI, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Goods and Services Tax Networks (GSTN) and units like Bankruptcy and Debt Disposing Disability Board (IBBI), so that banks and financial institutions are able to discuss current and potential borrowers. Get detailed information. RBI has invited interest correspondence letter (EOI) from companies wishing to give a contract to work for creating public credit register.

Firms operating at more than Rs 100 crores annually for the last three years can apply for this. The central bank had announced the formation of PCR in June last year with the intention of reducing the information gap, improving the accessibility of the loan and strengthening the culture of borrowing in the economy. Before this, the Reserve Bank had formed a high level workforce for the current information available about the credit, currently working to find adequate or inadequate credit facilities units and lack of credit.

In the EOI document, the PCR will be a digital registrar in which there will be credit related information and it will work as financial information infrastructure to provide information to various related parties and will enhance existing credit information system. The information will be worked as a single center for filing information, no matter how much the loan is.

At the moment, many such arrangements are saying that the system is working. There is a CRILC inside Arabic. It collects data on debt, but it is for loans above Rs 5 crore. Also, four private sector credit information companies are working. The RBI has asked all the units coming under the purview of their regulation to inform all four CICs about individually debt.