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Ramdev: ‘Patanjali Petrol’ and ‘Patanjali Diesel’ will now come to India. I will provide 35-40 rupees per/ltr of oil.

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The sky touching prices of petrol and diesel have raised the problems of the Center’s Narendra Modi government. On one hand, the general public is constantly upset with the increase in growth, while the opposition on the other hand also remains a headache for the government. All the opposition parties including the Congress have opened a front against the government against this increase and had closed India on September 10 last year, which saw wide impact across the country.

Meanwhile Yoga Guru Baba Ram attacked for the first time on the Narendra Modi government of the Center. Ramdev, who attended the third session of NDTV India’s Special Youth Conclave ‘NDTV Youth’, has called a tire attack on the center for inflation. On the question of inflation, Ramdev said that if I say no to you or not, the Modi government will have to reduce this inflation. If it does not reduce inflation, then the fire will take them.

He said that I was active earlier, but I am no longer. I am all-party and independent now. I will not campaign for the Modi government in 2019. He said that I have suggested to Modi and the government that before the year 2019, reduce the price of oil. Baba Ramdev said that the Dantkanti, Kesh Kanti and alovera Gel etc. will be world-wide. Along with India, now it is also going to market abroad too. Now Patanjali will shake the whole world.

I will provide 35-40 rupees per/ltr of oil

At the same time, Baba Ramdev said that if the government allows to install petrol pump and give a little tax exemption, then I would get 35-40 rupees per liter of oil (petrol and diesel) available. He said that I suggest that PM Narendra Modi will bring petroleum into GST, for some time, bring it from 5% to 12% slab. Then there will be relief. He said that before the year 2019, the Modi government will reduce the price of oil, otherwise the fire of inflation will be very heavy to the Modi government.