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President Putin will remain the President of Russia after 2024. The constitution will be amended.

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Even after the end of President Vladimir Putin’s current term in Russia, the drill has begun to find ways to keep his position. A report in Bloomberg has been told that the speaker of the Russian parliament has mentioned the possibility of amendment in the constitution, after which such speculation has gained strength. Putin’s current term will end in 2024 and according to the existing provisions, then he will not be able to become president.

According to Bloomberg’s report, Russian Parliament Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin met Putin on Tuesday. Later, he raised the issue of possible amendments in the constitution. Experts say that officials have already started preparations to prepare their land extension extension before Putin’s current tenure ends in 2024.

The current constitution of Russia was made 25 years ago. Vyacheslav Volodin said, ‘It was a very difficult time. At that time the country stood on the brink of disintegration… the faith in our citizens ‘officials was over.’ He said that the constitutional court judges and law experts should think about the change in the constitution.

Let us know that Putin was elected the Russian President again in March this year. Then he said that he has no plans for any constitutional reform. However, Putin had said this month that the constitution is not a root cause, but it is alive and developing. This also strengthened the speculation of the constitution amendment.