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Political warm up on ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’, Maharashtra Youth Congress threatens, Punia targets BJP.

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As soon as the trailer of ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ is released, the film has got into controversy and politics has started on this. Congress has filed a strong objection to the film. At the same time, Dr. Manmohan Singh has taken ‘silence’ on the question related to the film. The Maharashtra Youth Congress said in a bad tone that they will see this movie before the film is released. If their demand is not met, then this film will not be allowed to be released anywhere in the country. Congress MP PL Punia described the film as a game of BJP. At the same time, Anupam Kher has said that as opposed to the Congress, the film will get so much publicity.

When asked about the film, the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who came to attend the program on the foundation day of Congress in New Delhi, went ahead without any reply. However, senior Congress leader PL Punia targeted BJP on the issue. Punia said, “The Accidental Prime Minister’s movie trailer was tweeted with BJP handles. This is a game of BJP. They (BJP leaders) know that there are five years to complete and they do not have anything to tell the public. He is adopting such tactics to remove the attention of the common people.

Going to court
Let us say that the film ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ is based on the book of ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ written by former PMO Media adviser Sanjaya Baru. The film is to be released on January 11. After the film’s trailer was released on Thursday, Maharashtra Youth Congress President wrote a letter to the film makers. In this letter, he wrote that we watch the movie before release. If some scenes of the film were found to be factually incorrect, they would have to be removed from the movie.

They threatened that if their demands were not fulfilled then this film will not be allowed to be released anywhere in the country. In addition, he also said that if the filmmakers do not accept their demands then they will file a case against the film.

‘Trying to spoil the image of Congress’
Satyajeet said that after watching the trailer of the film, it seems that through this it has tried to malign the image of the Congress. The film is released without showing its responsible people, they have other ways to stop it. If those people choose those paths, then its responsibility will be of filmmakers only.

As opposed to the Congress, the propaganda will be: Kher
Actor Anupam Kher, who played the role of former PM Manmohan Singh in this movie, said that the film will get as much publicity as the show against it. Kher said, “The book came in 2014 but that time there was no protest. The film is based on this book. ‘

Film in dispute
In the film ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’, Anupam Kher plays the character of former PM Manmohan Singh. Akshay Khanna has been seen in Sanjaya Baru’s role. Journalist Sanjaya Baru was the Media Adviser of the then Prime Minister between 2004 and 2008 and the film was made on his book. Actress Suzanne Bernert in Sonia Gandhi’s role in the film. The trailer of the movie has shown that the Gandhi family was interfered in the Manmohan Singh government. In this, the decisions taken by Manmohan Singh have also been shown.