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Pakistan: Transactions of 100 billion rupees from fake bank accounts.

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Islamabad, The Pakistan Supreme Court has been informed that more than 100 billion Pakistani rupees ($ 77 billion) transactions have been done through 107 fake bank accounts. Officials informed about this on Tuesday. According to the report of Xinhua news agency, the three-member bench of the country’s top court resumed hearing on Monday in connection with an investigation into fraudulent bank accounts and money laundering.

The court is hearing the case personally taking cognizance of it. A joint investigation team of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) filed a report before the apex court, revealing that 47 billion Pakistani rupees were transacted through fraudulent bank accounts and 36 companies through fake accounts of 54 billion Pakistani rupees were transferred.

Several fake accounts were opened in some private banks in 2013, 2014 and 2015 and illegal transactions of billions of rupees were made through these accounts. The report said, “The FIA ​​is interrogating 32 people in the matter.” Earlier this month, the Pakistan Home Ministry had banned 95 people from leaving the country in suspicion of involvement in the case.