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Pakistan is not a democratic country, army is operating the country: Reham Khan

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London, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan’s former wife and British-Pakistani journalist Reham Khan said on Saturday that there is no such thing as democracy in Pakistan and the country is running the army. She said, ‘What kind of democracy is this, in which without asking any people, without suggesting them, decisions are being taken without faith in the faith. This is not a democracy. I believe that he should admit that there is open-handed military rule in Pakistan. ‘

While criticizing her ex-husband while discussing Pakistan’s poverty on an international forum, she said, “At present, Pakistan is passing through a very unfortunate phase. The Prime Minister goes to Saudi Arabia and openly talks about Pakistan’s poverty and says that his country has no money.

I believe that whether a person is doing business or an investor, he will not insult his country or enterprise on an international forum. Reham demanded discussion on this issue in Parliament. The journalist said that the way in which we have got funds through begging and the conditions on which we have met, must be discussed in Parliament. She said that if Nawaz Sharif had done this and had not discussed it in Parliament, then the situation would have been different.

It is worth mentioning that Prime Minister Imran Khan had thanked Saudi Arabia for providing financial assistance to Pakistan, who struggled with cash crisis in a public address last Wednesday.